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2017-18 SOPA Competition information

  • Our website is the GO TO for all sports and competition information
  • 2017-18 Competition dates and deadlines can be found on the Event Calendar on the SOPA website. Click here to access.

               All entry forms are on the Forms page, click here to access.

  • If attending out of state competition or out of staters are attending a competition that you are running please be sure to drop Michelle Boone (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an email with the details.
  • Allocations for the year will be available on the SOPA website under State & Sectional events, will be updated for year by next week, we apologize for the delay. Allocations are produced based on submitted training numbers from the previous year. The only reason you would not receive initial allocations is if your county did not submit training numbers. If you feel there is an error please contact Michelle Boone, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lunch and Learn Webinar Series:

The SOPA team, in collaboration with some local program volunteers, will be hosting a monthly webinar series. These webinars will all take place at noon via GoTo webinar on the date listed below. We are hosting this series in an effort to keep everyone in the loop on new information as well as continue to help us improve in a number of different areas. This will be a place for sharing thoughts, resources, and information that will be beneficial to everyone across the state. Please find the specific dates and webinar topics listed below. For those who are unable to attend live, all webinars will be recorded and posted on the SOPA website.  

All Webinars will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm.



March 14

Coaching 101 - coaching philosophy and best practices

April 11

Fit 5 - Athlete goal setting, personal best tracking and year round fitness

May 9

Using GMS to run your events

June 13

Coach and Training Progression Plan

July 11

Unified Sports - State Plan

August 8

Athlete Leadership - Youth to Adult

September 12

Role and Expectation of Coaches - Training to World Games

October 10

Advanced Coaching Strategies

November 14

Transitioning at all levels - young athlete, school/IUS and senior

December 12

How to host a competition/invitational

Coach background clearances and athlete medicals

  • All coaches, both RETURNING and NEW MUST complete the new PA State required background checks via SOPA. Please contact your Field Director for more information.
  • Program’s responsibility to ensure all athletes have a CURRENT medical for the season in which they are participating uploaded into VSys.  There is a pre-populated report in VSys instructions can be found here.

Unified Roster size/composition

All Unified teams must meet the roster size and composition requirements listed below for the respective team sport. After the minimum requirement is met, a variance of two (2) will be allowed for either partners or athletes.   


Minimum numbers*


Maximum numbers*


Flag Football

7 Players (4/3)

12 Players (6/6, 7/5, 5/7)

Floor Hockey

12 Players (6/6)

16 Players (8/8, 9/7, 7/9)


8 Players (4/4)

10 Players (5/5, 6/4, 4/6)

Soccer 5v5

7 Players (4/3)

10 Players (5/5, 6/4, 4/6)

Soccer 7v7

9 Players (5/4)

12 Players (6/6, 7/5, 5/7)

Soccer 11v11

13 Players (7/6)   

16 Players (8/8 , 9/7, 7/9)


12 Players (6/6)

16 Players (8/8 , 9/7, 7/9)

 *These numbers are for the start of competition.  If anytime during the competition an athlete/partner is unable to play due to injury or illness (confirmed by the medical team).  teams may play down a player. If not specified in the SO Rules, the Games Committee has the right to declare a team ineligible if they drop two or more players during competition.