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It is the responsibility of each county/area program to provide volunteers with the resources and information they need, not only to do their specific volunteer position but also to be a member of SOPA’s team. This will require time for training and a general introduction of SOPA depending on your position.

Part 1, or the general SOPA Introduction, is the opportunity to introduce you to SOPA, giving you a broader view of the history, mission, and current programs and activities. Part 2 will give you specific position training in preparation for volunteering for a program team position.

Part 1 – General SOPA Introduction

Part 2 – Management Team Specific Positions:

If you feel you have any questions about the training or would like help presenting the training to a volunteer, please let us know.  Please note that Position Handbooks are in the process of being updated (Fall 2015) and we will notify programs upon their completion, especially in the area of the database.

Thank you –

Carolyn Kushner

Coordinator of Volunteer Services

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