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Sometimes it is good ideas to take a look at the volunteers you have working hard for your program all during the year. These volunteers might not know how great they would be in another position. Take time to look at who you have around you chipping in and helping, you may just find that perfect person you are looking for!

  • Encourage volunteers to take on challenges that will foster their own growth and development. Make it safe for them to make mistakes by treating them as learning experiences.
  • Support initiatives that your volunteers may come up as opposed to insisting on using the same ideas as always. Volunteers will be inspired to pursue efforts and topics that are of particular interest to them, and this may lead to team opportunities.
  • Recognize individual’s frequently for their contributions. Recognition that is low-key, frequent and personal is generally more meaningful to people than a big, annual event (although doing both is even better!).
  • Send volunteers with leadership potential to free webinar opportunities or conferences to give them the opportunity to grow and bring their experiences back to your team.
  • Choose individuals who have consistently demonstrated their ability to collaborate and work well with others in productive, long-term relationships.

Developing leadership skills is your volunteers is an ongoing process but one that is crucial to the long-term success of your efforts.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like help developing Team Members for your program.

Carolyn Kushner

Coordinator of Volunteer Service

610-630-9450, X217

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